A sum of vested interests

In one of the large enterprise sales deals I was involved with, I ended up participating in dozens of calls over many months with the organization buying our software.

Now, a long battery of pre-sales calls is not unexpected in these large deals, but in this case the process became quite long and nightmarish. We could discuss for two hours a single topic like compliance with CFR 21 Part 11, or Section 508, or how we used encryption at rest. What stood out to me is that during these calls nobody asked me once about the value or business rationale of the proposed implementation.


With growing management and structure, every link in a business process expands to become a vested interest, defining its own role as fundamental and necessary.

Marketing, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Architect, Security Architect, UX Designer, DBA, IT, Tester, QA, Support, Sales… Specialization is fine and necessary; but I can see now that unless we keep a watchful eye on ‘the system’ (and there is always a system) it can become a set of disconnected parts devoted to defend and optimize their own KPI’s.

… To the astonishment of those trying to sell to it.