I believe that anything of exceptional value is created only when we pay excruciating attention to the details of its execution and when we are relentless at squeezing quality out of the craft. And that’s that. There is no magic formula, we must do the work.

My projects and clients allow me to demand this standard from myself, to navigate the hard trade-offs between vision and execution realities with integrity. What for? To create extraordinary value for others and for my own life.

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My past, if you are interested…

I started my career working in financials systems and, before the AI winter, expert systems for the financial and oil industries. Then I worked on salesforce automation software and finally settled on Stage-Gate and Innovation processes.

During my long professional career I have been a software consultant, developer, development manager, leader of product management and development, solution architect and business consultant. I have been very fortunate to engage with some of the most recognized companies out there: 3M, Mars, Hershey’s, PepsiCo, Wendy’s, General Motors, Smucker’s, Allen Bradley and many others. Looking back, I realize that in all these roles I was always attempting to simplify something one way or another; there is no official title for that.

I moved to the US 25 years ago and I am fluent in two languages; so it is possible I have two souls (“To know two languages is to possess a second soul – Charlemagne”)

That’s enough of the past. What is more important is what I am doing now and why.

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