Execution Seductions

The following are the two most seductive distractions that get in my way when executing an idea.

Seduction #1: Another idea

This new idea could be related to what I am doing right now, or a totally different animal. It could be an idea for a new video game, a book, or a better stopwatch; hell, we really need that.

My solution is obvious, I think: Evacuate it. My ideas are captured electronically in a system I trust. I spend a minute writing a sentence or two about what this ‘thing’ is. Then, in addition to ‘IDEA’, I put down enough keywords so I can pull it back easily with a search. This is enough to put my creative mind at ease.

My curated list right now contains 68 entries. Half of these are ideas for a new business; oh yeah, shoot me, like I need more of those.

Seduction #2: Diving for too long

This seduction is a little harder to explain and a bigger problem for me. Once I get excited, it is easy for me to execute without discipline, fueled only by creative enthusiasm or stubbornness. For me this means working an 11+ hour day, neglecting going to the gym, eating a healthy meal, or sometimes, ahem, a shower.

My solution: I have none yet. Help.

The things below seem to help a little bit.

  • Ready my gym clothes before I go to bed.
  • Schedule a hard stop at 11:00 AM. Although too often I blow through these.
  • Work half-day from a coffee shop.
  • Schedule lunch or coffee with a business acquaintance.
  • And recently, I wrote on a piece of paper a reminder that I put on my desk:

“Do not forget the long game”