What I am doing now…


Yes, it was time to start. After perfect research? Complete preparation? Nope. At the end it was clear that each of us must start before we are ready. Doing otherwise would have been to allow myself to get busy managing/studying fear and to call it progress. This will not propel any worthwhile learning or creation.

I am heads down pursuing the idea that attention management is at the core of feeling at peace and in control of our digital work life. For now I have baptized this idea Fluid Kanban. (You can check it out at fluidkanban.com/)
Feedback has been encouraging, but I do not deceive myself. My energy right now is directed towards building something that can prove myself wrong as soon as possible. “Invest in failure” someone told me. I like the sound of that; my wife hates it.


I pay a lot of attention to my energy levels, tuning and figuring out tweaks to maximize my output in the long run without burnout. A trick that has been particularly helpful has been to ask myself: “Will this help to maximize my output for the next seven days?” (Hint Gym = Yes, Alcohol = No.)

Last updated: January 2020.