Delegate to yourself

The worst way to start my day is staring at blank page.

Let me explain.

After a productive day, it is very rewarding to shut down my workspace with a sense of accomplishment. I often recap what I did and make a point to savor the progress.

And then I realized this is the worst possible way to end a workday.

Now, in addition to the above, after shutting down my computer, the very last step is to update (or create) a ‘next list’ for the time I sit down to work again.

Since this is happening when tech is off this step requires pen and paper — being low-tech is part of the wind down process. And while I sit quietly in the dark, inside the cone of light cast by my desk lamp, I think of the things I want to move forward the next time I return to work.

IMPORTANT: This is not a to-do list of ‘things to do tomorrow’. It just consists of 3~5 simple and thought-out items that capture the next logical steps to carry on today’s momentum.

It is a relay race in which I pass the baton to my future self. These are pointers and instructions of things I am delegating to the guy coming back tomorrow morning, fresh and well-rested, with a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. What do I want him to focus on?