Book: The Mom Test

book cover the mom test
By Rob Fitzpatrick

The gist of it

At 126 pages, on which I highlighted 27 passages, I definitively found this book densely packed with good stuff. I will re-read and refer to it again in the future for sure. My TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) assessment: Worth reading end-to-end. No skimming.

The premise

We are subject to tremendous confirmation-bias and we hear what we want to hear when we validate an idea. Do not ask people if your ideas are good. You will never get an honest answer. Instead, ask ‘innocent’ questions ‘informally’ and carefully follow where the answers lead you .

Some Notable Highlights

It boils down to this: you aren’t allowed to tell them what their problem is, and in return, they aren’t allowed to tell you what to build. They own the problem, you own the solution.”

“If it sounds weird to unexpectedly interview people, then that’s only because you’re thinking of them as interviews instead of conversations. The only thing people love talking about more than themselves is their problems.”