Fluid Kanban – May Update

Hi there,

I have posted a set of short videos of the latest Alpha build of Fluid Kanban.

You can find them here: https://fluidkanban.com/

As usual I have a (very) simple form for feedback. I appreciate your reactions; whatever they are. The feedback is anonymous (but you can choose to provide your email to setup a follow up if you want). Or respond to this email, whatever is easier for you.



I have been working on a downloadable version (still Alpha) so I can test the end-to-end delivery and upgrade process.
An ever-increasing short list 🙁 of must have’s before doing a private release.
The process of finishing anything can be overwhelming. This is when the “explosion of details” happens. I cannot waive my hands over the whiteboard anymore. It must work. Or not. Yoda-esque.


I have started the process to pick some channels to test.
When I spend time thinking about how I want to position this, I just end up in the same place: I want people like you to feel in control and less overwhelmed in your work life. Even if the work culture around you is, ahem, less than favorable. To make you an unwavering, calm, focus Jedi… But how do I say that with two words?

Lastly, if you can think of someone that will be interested in this concept, please forward them these emails. I will treat your endorsement with the highest respect.

May you and your loved ones be safe and healthy.