Coding in the open – Fluid Kanban

With this post I publish the first raw demo of Fluid Kanban. (This is the idea I decided to move forward with after some market research.)

The reason for these demos is to share early and learn quick. “Invest in Failure” I heard once. That makes a lot of sense, but I have to confess that it took me some introspection to decide to come out raw like this. I just like perfection.

But I need your help to find this perfection. It matters little what I think is best, if people do not care for it.

So here it is out in the open, greasy and rattling. A window into the current state of development in its raw form.

There is a shiny feedback form along with the demo. It does not ask for much. If you watch the demo I’d love to hear your reactions!

Here it is: